First blog post-well that seems like a suitable start

Hello, I’m Kiki McQueen and I’m starting a very big adventure. I live in a house with Tombola Johnny and the Bowiecat; the house doesn’t have a name, it’s just home. We have  lived here for nearly four years now and over that time we have decorated it in our own style, I don’t think we will be in style magazine any time soon but we love it. We have managed to swap out most of the IKEA flat pack now for vintage or home made pieces, which is where our love for making has really taken off, and now we’ve run out of space we’ve started to share our creations with our friends and family and finally we want to share it with all of you too.
This is where the adventure comes in, I normally teach but I’ve just started up my own little venture where I want to share some of my makes with you, especially candles! I love making candles out of old and vintage glassware, I think they are so beautiful and want to give a new use to something no one wants any more.
I hope you’ll join me in this adventure and enjoy reading our blog about our home, our makes and our fabulous candles!