What you get with a Kiki candle.

Every single Kiki McQueen candle is made lovingly by me in the Kiki Kitchen. All candles are poured into a handpicked glass container, many of which are vintage or crystal and all of which have been chosen for their beauty. This means that once your candle has burned down you have a gorgeous piece of glassware to keep (we like to keep ours by the window so the light bounces of crystal and makes tiny rainbows all over the house).

Here in the Kiki Kitchen we like things to be natural so we choose to use soy wax.

Soy wax is derived from natural sources and burns slowly, giving you a longer lasting candle.

To help maintain our natural outlook we also like to scent many of our candles with pure essential oils.




Essential oils:

  • are made from plant extracts
  • offer many benefits alongside a lovely smell,
  • have been in use for thousands of years in both beauty and medicinal remedies.


Due to the nature of soy wax essential oils create very subtle scents, that help relax the atmosphere rather than fill a room.

Our essential oil candles have a healing effect both mentally and emotionally, whether you are looking for something to help you relax, sleep or even invigorate we have something for you.


But we also know that not everyone wants a subtle smell, we all want a room refresh from time to time, so by using fine quality candle oil we also provide candles with a stronger scent. Some of our personal favourites include pineapple, forget-me-not and pina colada.

All candles are labelled with their scents and can be seen on Folksy, Facebook and Instagram as well as on this site, please feel free to ask us if you can’t see your favourite scent, we love finding or mixing up something new in the Kiki Kitchen.